High-Speed Broadband Internet

Get a great deal on High-Speed Internet from Eastern Slope!


High-Speed Broadband Internet is available in Bennett, Hugo, Karval, Genoa, Arriba, Flagler, Woodrow, Kit Carson, Eads, Haswell, and surrounding communities.

No Installation Fee with One Year Agreement!


Installation fee is waived by signing a one year commitment to keep the high-speed broadband internet active in the same location.

We provide Unlimited Data Usage! Your speeds will stay the same, no matter how much data is used.


Your Unlimited Usage Includes: 

  • Two mail boxes with 10GB storage each.*

  • Virus Scan and Spam Blocker on email.

  • Secure wired connections.

  • Convenient single billing.


*Additional mail boxes are available for an additional charge.

Remote Support Access

It is the speed at which data is transferred online to your devices, technically called megabits per second (Mbps). The higher the Mbps, the faster you will be able to browse the web, stream videos/movies, and more.
Don’t confuse the speed at which your data is transferred with the usage of data that you consume.

Our Internet speeds are measured by Mbps... what does that mean?

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Hugo, CO 80821

Toll-Free: 1-888-999-3778 

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Fax: 719-743-2356

Email: customerservice@esrta.com

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