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Eastern Slope $1,000 Scholarships

Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association Inc. will award 2 scholarships to graduating high school seniors. (1) $1,000 Technology Scholarship will be awarded to a recipient who is focusing on technical studies and plans to attend any accredited vocational school, community college, junior college, university, or college in the continuous fall semester. (1) $1,000 Traditional Scholarship will be awarded to a recipient who is planning to attend any accredited community college, junior college, university, or college in the continuous fall semester. Please use the appropriate scholarship form to apply for each of the scholarships.


The $1,000 Eastern Slope scholarship award winners will be chosen from a review panel selected by Eastern Slope. The scholarship will be awarded on a one-time basis and is not renewable. Students must be classified as a full-time student with confirmation of enrollment required. Scholarship monies will be paid to the Financial Aid Office of school the student attends in both the students name and the institution. The amount of the scholarship will be divided into two equal disbursements of $500 disbursed in the first semester and $500 in the second semester. Scholarship winners must maintain a C (2.0) average or better in the first semester in order to receive disbursement in the second semester. If a scholarship winner withdraws from school or elects to attend a non-accredited school after receiving a scholarship, the scholarship will be terminated and any refunds from the school will go to ESRTA.


Eligibility and Application Requirements


o   Applicant’s parents or legal guardian must be active members of the Eastern Slope                             cooperative.


o   A most recent high school transcript must be included.


o   The applicant must use the most current Eastern Slope application form of the scholarship for which they are applying.


o    Include a letter of recommendation from both a member in the community (not a family member) and a member of the high school you attend.


o   The scholarship application and required submissions must be received by Eastern Slope no later than April 30, 2020. Deadline Extended!


Scholarship applications are available on the Eastern Slope website at esrta.com and at the Eastern Slope business office (403 3rd Ave, Hugo).

Applications may be emailed to Eastern Slope at scholarship@esrta.com or mailed to Eastern Slope, PO Box 397, Hugo, CO, 80821.

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